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Daikin is the #1 Indoor Comfort Provider worldwide. Maybe few of you have heard of the brand but Daikin is credited with bringing innovative technologies first to market. For the last 100 years, Daikin has advanced human wellbeing around the world through building systems that ensure energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability.

Working with Daikin brings our company and you great comfort. As a select few in the industry, our company is qualified and trained to quickly and effectively diagnose and address your heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

The Daikin Comfort Promise

Ultimately, the respected Daikin name is nothing if we don’t fulfill our promises. If, for any reason, the Daikin Comfort Professional has not met your expectation within one year of your equipment or system installation, please contact the installing Daikin Comfort Pro and ask them to honor the Daikin Comfort Promise. The Daikin Comfort Pro will return to your house to resolve any issues you have with your installation at no cost to you. As part of formally maintaining the Daikin Comfort Pro distinction, the Daikin Comfort Pro will make all reasonable efforts to resolve any concerns

you have within one year of your equipment installation. If a Daikin Comfort Professional does not meet your expectations, they risk losing the ability to sell Daikin products. With the Daikin Comfort Promise, you can have peace of mind that your Daikin Comfort Professional will continue to earn your business well after the sale. If not, they cannot be a Daikin Comfort Professional. Period.

Revolutionary Indoor Comfort


quiet, compact,

smart, efficient


Runs quietly,

inside and out


Compact for
zero lot homes


Control in the
Palm of Your Hand


Up to 30%
more efficient*

*Daikin FIT uses adaptive Inverter technology, which can help
save up to 30% energy compared to conventional,
non-Inverter systems.

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Elevate your comfort expectations

The Daikin FIT system is a compact, smart inverter HVAC system that won’t compromise on comfort and connects to ducted solutions traditional to the North American homes.

customer reviews

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Unnoticeable A/C

My new A/C is unnoticeable. I don't hear it, I don't sense. But I sense and feel better air quality and comfortable even temperature all the time.
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So Quiet

Replaced a 13 year old rusted air handler and air conditioner unit with a Daikin, I first heard of this brand on an HGTV commercial and subsequently learned my son’s home was cooled by Daikin. I noticed when in his home I never heard the A/C turn on, turn off and the temperature was consistent. It’s been a week since installation and I couldn’t be more pleased. The unit is quiet and seems to be more efficient than my previous A/C.
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Daikin, An excellent product.

The Daikin HVAC System has been installed and operating for approximately two weeks. The unit has been performing extremely well and exceeding all expectations. Based on the experience to date, the System will perform well. I am extremely satisfied with the product and highly recommend Daikin to anyone installing an HVAC System.
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Best system I've ever had

We've had this new system installed for a couple of weeks now and it has been amazing. It's whisper quiet! The new thermostat is also a great addition.
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Quiet and efficient

We replaced a 10 year old builder's heat pump after 3 repairs were needed during extreme weather conditions. This Daikin Fit is more efficient and much quieter. The 12 year warranty gives us peace of mind.
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Great efficiency!

Replaced my old electric furnace with this one paired with the air source heat pump. All the rooms in the house are now warm! Night and day difference and much more efficient which shows up in my bill. I’ll have A/C in the summer as well.

Here's what customers have to say about DAIKIN FIT

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The new Daikin Air Quality Index Report, running nationally every Monday morning on America’s Morning Headquarters, will track and identify current outdoor air quality across the United States. Created with the brand’s mission of enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future in mind, this organic informational content aims to convey the importance of outdoor and indoor air quality for those suffering with allergies or any sickness ultimately promoting better health and weliness for everyone.

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