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Indoor Air Quality In San Antonio, TX

Indoor Air Quality In San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, TX and Surrounding Areas

We spend most of our lives indoors at home, work, or school. While we trust that the air we breathe inside is safe and clean, the truth is that indoor air pollution is a real issue that affects millions of people worldwide. According to the EPA, indoor air quality is often two to five times worse than outdoor air quality, posing severe health hazards to families, employees, and students.

At TemperaturePro San Antonio, we understand the importance of healthy indoor air quality and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best products, services, and advice. To learn more about how we can help improve your home’s indoor air quality, call us today for a free consultation in San Antonio, TX. Let us take care of the air inside so you can breathe easily.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution refers to harmful particles, gases, and microorganisms in the air we breathe inside buildings. These pollutants can come from:

How can TemperaturePro San Antonio help improve your Indoor Air Quality?

TemperaturePro San Antonio

Our team of skilled technicians uses the latest technology and techniques to identify and remove pollutants from your indoor environment. Here are some ways we can help you improve your indoor air quality in San Antonio, TX:

Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, the air ducts in your home or office can accumulate dust, mold, and other pollutants, which can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and circulate polluted air throughout your indoor environment. Our air duct cleaning service uses specialized equipment to remove these pollutants, ensuring the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Air Purification

Air purification systems are an effective way to remove pollutants from the air. Our team can install high-quality air purification systems, such as UV lights, electrostatic air filters, and HEPA filters, which can remove up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including viruses and bacteria.

Humidity Control

Excessive humidity levels can lead to mold growth and increase the risk of respiratory problems. Our experts can install humidity control systems to regulate the humidity levels in your indoor environment, ensuring that it is comfortable and healthy.

The Importance of Improving Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Are you confident that your home’s indoor air is healthy and odor free? Are there lingering odors that might be unpleasant to others? If your home lacks a whole purification system, your family is breathing in measurable particulates like dust, dirt, carpet fibers, chemicals, pollen, and mildew. Particulates like viruses and bacteria microbes can impact your family’s health, and are especially harmful to asthma sufferers and those with weak or aging immune systems.

The Air Scrubber Plus is a whole-home air purification system that can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and odors from pets, cooking, and more. In addition to cleaning the air, the Air Scrubber Plus will keep your HVAC system’s coils clean and reduce the microbial growth build-up that restricts airflow and system efficiency. Your system will enjoy a longer lifespan, and your home will be odor, particle, and germ-free.

When you couple your air conditioner with a home air purification system and high-density media filters, you can be confident in your home’s air quality. https://www.activepure.com/scientific-proof/

What Makes the Air in a Home High or Low Quality?

The air quality in a home can be affected by several factors, including:

Types Of Indoor Air Quality Systems

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device that removes pollutants and other particles from the air using a fan, filter, and/or UV light.


These devices can regulate humidity levels in the home for optimal comfort and to prevent mold or mildew buildup.

HVAC Systems

Properly functioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure proper filtering, temperature control, and adequate fresh air circulation.

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans can be installed in bathrooms and other areas where moisture tends to accumulate. They draw out stale air while allowing fresh air to enter the room.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) & Fresh Air Ventilators (FAVs)

ERVs are devices that transfer heat, moisture, and air between incoming and outgoing air streams. By exchanging these elements between the two streams, they can help improve indoor air quality while also reducing the amount of energy used to heat and cool a home.

FAVs are installed in the walls, ceilings or floors of a home to introduce fresh outdoor air into the interior. They also reduce unhealthy odors or pollutants that may be present in indoor air.

UV Lamps

UV Lamps (Ultraviolet Light) are used to purify air by killing bacteria and other pollutants. The UV lamps emit ultraviolet radiation which is then absorbed by the microorganisms, destroying their reproductive capabilities and preventing them from spreading. This helps to improve indoor air quality, making it safer for people to breathe.

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