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Metal tariffs – How they effect YOU!

With R22 refrigerant being banned and end-of-life in 2020 (18 months), maybe you’ve been told or you suspect you need to replace your inefficient, old R22 A/C system. If you couple the refrigerant change with the newly enacted metal tariffs, there will never be a better time to replace your system than right now.

President Trump enacted tariffs on aluminum and steel in March of 2018. The HVAC industry is going to be impacted by the metal tariffs and that 20-25% increase will be passed on to consumers with higher A/C and heating equipment pricing starting in June 2018.

ACCA’s director of industry and external relations, Todd Washam, said the organization is unsure how much prices will inflate across the board but is certain that contractors will see an increase on equipment prices. “That increase is likely to be passed on to consumers, and we’re concerned because, when consumers see higher prices, they’re usually driven to the lowest bidder,” he said.

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) provided a list of HVACR products that could be hit with extra 25 percent tariffs. Included in the list: boilers, compressors, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, heat exchangers, and control equipment. All components of residential and commercial A/C and heating units.

Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president “When the price of HVACR equipment increases, consumers who are in need of a new system trend toward cut-rate and unqualified individuals to service or replace their equipment. It also shifts the mindset of consumers to opt for putting Band-Aids on aging systems instead of replacing them with today’s more efficient products.” bit.ly/2HQu9AL.

From an article in USA Today, “Given the industry’s thin margins, manufacturers cannot absorb this cost and will be forced to pass it on to consumers,” CMI officials wrote.

The longer you wait to replace, the more expensive the equipment will be. Call TemperaturePro today and we’ll send our comfort advisor for a consultation regarding an investment in a new, more efficient, smart-enabled, 410a AC system before the increases begin to take effect in June 2018.

Financing available is available to help with the transition into a new unit(s).

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