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HVAC Equipment Care and Repair

AC & Heating Equipment Care and Repair

(Because Replacement May NOT Be an Option)

Being in the AC industry, I occasionally hear homeowners say, “I’m just going to let my old AC run until it dies”.

In the past, this approach to AC and heating system replacement, while not recommended, might not have been too inconvenient. You may experience a few days without AC or heating, but the emergency change out of a system could happen in 24 to 48 hours depending on the time of the season.

In 2022 however, we are still mid-pandemic and the HVAC industry continues to experience manufacturing back-orders, factory labor shortages, transportation challenges, and supply chain interruptions of raw materials that began in early 2020. In 2022, these issues can delay installing the ideal system for your home & budget by days, weeks, and even months.

If you don’t want to settle for just whatever equipment is available, low efficiency, cheap builder-grade, single-speed fans with loud compressors, it’s time to be proactive. Take excellent care of the equipment you have with proper maintenance and plan for the AC change out before a catastrophic failure.

System Maintenance:

If you know your system struggled last year, needed to have refrigerant added, water leaks, is over 10 years old or your utility bills were over $300, it’s time to give your system a professional tune-up and cleaning.

Maintenance allows our technicians to look for parts that are operating less efficiently or have evidence of damage or wear. The tech will show you the diagnostic readings and make recommendations on monitoring, replacing parts, or making repairs to reduce the chance of an inconvenient failure. Maintenance gives us time, while your system is still working to source and order the parts for the repair or update.

Join our basic one-year or the premium 3-year bi-annual maintenance membership today and let TemperaturePro San Antonio care for your system. Enrollment is $30 per complete system.

The 4K rule of replacement:

If repairs are needed, take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the age of the equipment (found in the serial number). If the parts and repairs costs (X) the age of the system are more than $4,000, it’s time to consider a replacement. Why put good money into an aging system?

For example, if the breaker is tripping and the compressor is pulling too many amps, the capacitor is low, and the relays look charred, the repair could be $750 for a breaker, relay, and a new capacitor (X) for an 8-year old system = $6,000. It is time to consider a complete system replacement.

With the challenges in getting supplies & equipment available in the HVAC industry, now is the time to maintain and care for the equipment you currently have. TemperaturePro San Antonio Inc has options in maintenance memberships that offer professional tune-ups with discounts on parts, diagnostic calls, and repairs if needed.

Replacement Options:

When your utility bills are excessive and your equipment is beyond repair, TemperaturePro San Antonio can help you plan and budget for the system replacement. We will help you understand the different types of technologies available and the trusted brands we recommend.

We accept checks, and credit cards, and offer financing. We also have income-based lease-to-own options, and subscription options for those that want worry-free system maintenance, repairs, labor & equipment upgradability in the future.

Call us today to schedule your system tune-up maintenance or a no-obligation consultation with a TemperaturePro San Antonio comfort advisor to plan and budget for a new system. (210) 944-TPRO