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Good Leap Financing

TemperaturePro San Antonio has partnered with GoodLeap to offer low monthly payments for AC & Heating system replacements. Don’t let the upfront replacement costs prevent you from lowering your energy consumption and reducing monthly utility spend. Often the reduction in kilowatt energy consumption and the money you save can be applied to the monthly payment of the new system.

For example, if your CPS monthly utility bill is $250 and the new system reduces the monthly bill by 35%, that’s $87 savings you can apply to the equipment payment instead of paying to CPS.

If your new, higher efficiency system is $200 per month and you apply $87 overpayment to CPS, your new system monthly payment is only $113 because of the $87 savings you’re NOT paying CPS.

GoodLeap is America’s leading marketplace for sustainable solutions, delivering a digital-first experience that is simple, fast, and frictionless. GoodLeap’s proprietary point-of-sale technology is actively used to help empower consumers to access and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Prequalify here so you can reduce your monthly utility consumption and lower monthly utility spend by replacing your older technology unit with a Daikin advanced energy-efficient technology. The Daikin HVAC systems can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money.