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Are you experiencing problems with your home's heating system?

Residential Heating In San Antonio, TX
Residential Heating In San Antonio, TX - TemperaturePro San Antonio

When the winter cold arrives, you want to ensure your furnace or heat pump works properly. At TemperaturePro San Antonio, we are here to help.

Common issues that may cause your heating system to malfunction include problems with burnt wiring, heating elements, igniters, contractors, and safety sensors. When one of these components fails, your system may not turn on, may run too long, or may not provide sufficient warmth throughout your home.

Regardless of the type of heating system you have—whether it’s a gas furnace, electric heat pump, or boiler—we recommend an annual heating inspection to ensure your system is safe and functioning optimally. If you suspect your heating system is not working correctly, we can diagnose the issue and provide repair or replacement services. Trust TemperaturePro San Antonio to keep your home comfortable all winter.

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Heating Services

Buying or Selling a Home?

Before buying or selling your home, have an AC and heating inspection to know the HVAC system’s health.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevent unexpected failures with spring and fall preventative maintenance system checks.

Heating System Repairs

If your heater is not keeping your home comfortable, a system repair might be the recommendation after a careful diagnosis.

New Furnace or Heat Pump

We’ll provide you with all the new system equipment options and information needed to make an informed investment in a new system for your home or office.

ProPlan Club Membership

Residential Heating In San Antonio, TX

You maintain your vehicle with tune-ups, oil changes, and new tires. You take care of your health with annual visits to your doctor and dentist. The same care and preventative attention apply to your home’s heating and cooling systems. We strongly recommend the ProPlan Membership for your heating and cooling systems to work as efficiently as possible during peak season. Maintaining your system twice a year can help identify parts at risk of failure and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Additional Benefits Of Membership?

Residential Heating In San Antonio, TX
  • Spring pre-peak season cooling inspection
  • Fall pre-season heating system check-up
  • Free EER Evaluation (efficiency rating)
  • Discounted dispatch fee ($79)
  • Labor on repairs extended for 30 days to 1 year
  • 1-year warranty on parts replaced
  • Priority service over non-members
  • No overtime charges for nights or weekends
  • Filter replacement (customer provides filter)

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