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Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air


My A/C is Running, But the Air is Not Cool

You set the thermostat to your ideal temperature, yet the room still feels warm. What are the possible causes?

  1. Check for open doors and windows. Sounds obvious, but sometimes family members open doors and windows when the evening cools off and forget to close them. When temps rise the next day, and the a/c turns on, an open window can be the cause of the loss of cool air.
  2. Next to open windows, probably the most common reason the a/c is blowing warm air is a leak in the refrigerant in you’re a/c system. There are many reasons that refrigerant can leak. Heavy vibration can loosen joints, fittings, and connections. Evaporator coils are delicate and easily punctured. Refrigerants are dangerous and should always be left to a professional to refill.
  3. Frozen Coils can block and prevent the cool air flow. When you turn on the a/c to the highest setting on an extremely hot day, the condensation on the outside of the coils can’t evaporate fast enough and freezes. If you can see the coils are frozen, shut your system down for a few hours and allow to thaw. Adjust your thermostat to a medium setting and watch for a repeat. If it happens again, you need to call for a check-up.
  4. Check your thermostat’s settings. Something as simple as forgetting to turn your thermostat from heat to cool can cause the system to not operate as intended.
  5. Power – Your outside unit has its own power supply. Check the breaker switch to see if it has been tripped. The inside part of your system will continue to blow, but the air will be warm. You can reset the breaker on the outside unit but verify that it does not trip again. If your outside system trips in the breaker again, you’ll need an electrician to look at your panel.
  6. Air Filters need to be changed regularly, I suggest monthly if you have kids and pets. Dirty and heavily coated filters severely reduce air flow (and air quality)
  7. Compressors can fail from electrical issues, refrigerant back flowing into, age and be overheating. Without the compressor, the condenser coils can’t cool properly. There is not much you can do to extend the life of a compressor outside of using it less.
  8. Wiring can become loose and even frayed due to the constant vibration in the system. On the outside, wires are often chewed on by animals, hit by weed whackers and exposed to the elements causing failed connections. Although these are electrical issues, it may take a call to you’re a/c company to first diagnose the issue.

Don’t risk electrical shock or doing more damage to your air conditioning by running a system that is blowing warm air. Contact TemperaturePro San Antonio to schedule a diagnosis and repair or replacement. (210) 944-TPRO