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TemperaturePro San Antonio Alamo Heights is proud to be the top local choice for heating and cooling services. Our technicians are the friendliest and most knowledgeable around, so your space and equipment will always be in great, capable hands. We take the Alamo Heights motto to heart and also deeply value community, service, and opportunity, so let us be your first call whenever you need HVAC services.

Our Services


Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty and let the pros handle all your installation needs. Our technicians have ample experience installing a variety of heating and cooling systems and units and will take the utmost care when navigating your home or other space.


If your AC starts mysteriously leaking or you’re thinking about calling some Ghostbusters to check out the haunting sounds coming from your furnace, let us check it out first. Both of these problems are very common, so most of the time, the solution is a quick repair! Repair is our first choice for troubleshooting HVAC issues.


However, sometimes a problem is too large or a unit is simply too old, and all of our repair attempts and solutions don’t seem to be fixing the problem. Then, it’s time for a replacement. We’re happy to help guide you through the process of finding a new unit or system based on budget, the size of your space, and your personal preferences.

Indoor Air Quality

Most homeowners fail to recognize the importance of indoor air quality and how it factors into the overall health and well-being of the people living there. Now especially, with people spending most of their time at home, ensuring the air you’re breathing is clean is imperative. Ask us about our IAQ assessment and installing an Air Scrubber!

Check Out the Buzz

“Timely and quick! I requested service at 11 AM and the technician was at my door by 1:30. Jerry Molina was professional, courteous, and thorough. Although, I only needed a minor repair, he still checked everything else just to make sure there weren’t any secondary issues.” – Jymie P.
“Pedro is an outstanding, caring, and conscientious. He arrived rolled up his sleeves, and evaluated the A/C problem ,and explained to us exactly what he was doing, to repair our A/C. He also was very thoughtful to provide us, just in case with a Portable unit for emergency situations if we required one. Notwithstanding his excellent work ethic, he treated my family like VIP’s, and he was very courteous at at times. We once again have our A/C working thanks to Pedro ” – Louis M.
“Austin Burke was a pleasure working with today. He arrived on time, was very pleasant, honest, and informative. Austin sent me all of the pictures and explained everything he did. He was very professional, and because of his service, I switched companies and signed up with TemperaturePro today!” – Ronald B.