Air Quality


Bracken, TX

TemperaturePro San Antonio is the leading choice for all your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs in Bracken. We take small-town community and neighborliness seriously, so we strive to understand and meet our needs of ours as best we can. The next time you need a repair, installation, replacement, or anything else call the Bracken HVAC experts at TemperaturePro San Antonio.

Our Bracken HVAC Services


There are so many moving parts and factors that go into proper HVAC installation, so rather than stress yourself out trying to figure out the logistics of furnace or AC installation, give us a call and let our team of Bracken HVAC experts handle the job.


No one likes a leaky AC unit or a particularly rumbly and noisy furnace because they can be incredibly annoying. In addition to being annoying, they can actually be an indication that something is wrong with your equipment and the longer it goes on, the worse it can make the problem. Oftentimes, it’s just a simple repair, so our Bracken HVAC technicians will be able to get it fixed up quickly.


We know the dreaded feeling of realizing your unit or system is beyond repair, which means it is time to get a new one. The Bracken HVAC professionals at TemperaturePro San Antonio will always work to try and repair your equipment before suggesting a replacement, but sometimes a unit is too old or too broken, so a replacement is the only option. We’ll help walk you through the options and figure out what kind of system or unit is right for your space and budget.

Indoor Air Quality

Between unpredictable snow storms and global pandemics, we’ve been spending much more time indoors and inside our homes. Most homeowners don’t think or worry about indoor air quality, when in reality, the air inside is oftentimes of lower quality than air outside. Our Bracken HVAC experts can assess your IAQ and even install an Air Scrubber which will purify the air in your home.

Check Out the Buzz

“They really saved me a lot of time and headache. When it comes to hiring a contractor for a job most of the people out door are highly unreliable. But I definitely recommend TemperaturePro San Antonio to anyone who needs any sort of help with AC installation or maintenance.” – Ali S.
“We are so happy they have a yearly membership! Mike was very friendly and knowledgeable. He took pictures of all the readings he took, explained the readings to us, and sent the pictures via email. Their automated system will remind us to schedule an appointment and because we are members we will get a discount on parts!” – Cristina Z.
“What an incredible company! I am blown away by the customer service received. The appointment setting, appointment notification, and professionalism of the staff that serviced our AC units was A++. They are fair, reasonable, and focussed on doing things right the first time. Highly recommended.” – John N.