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Furnace and Heating Fall Tune-Ups

Furnace and Heating Fall Tune-Ups | TemperaturePro San Antonio

The most obvious reason to have your furnace checked annually is to verify the heat exchanger is functioning properly. Cracks in the heat exchanger can lead to dangerous issues with carbon monoxide, flame roll out and water leaks. If you don’t have a gas furnace but have a straight electric heater or an electric heat pump, they also need their heating components checked to ensure safe and proper heating is available on demand. Aging, rusting, and wiring issues develop with year over year use. Tune ups influence how well and long your unit will serve you.

Other Benefits to a Fall Tune Up:

  1. If your heater is under the manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturer’s stipulate that their warranty becomes void if the heater is not regularly maintained. A furnace tune-up can satisfy that requirement. Keep your system’s service records.
  2. Condensate drains can become restricted and blocked from heavy summer a/c usage. Condensate drain clearing is part of the TemperaturePro San Antonio Fall Tune-up and will help you’re a/c system be ready to function in the Spring.
  3. Identify operational issues or struggling components. It’s best to repair or replace them before they cause an emergency outage.
  4. Ensure proper air flow – restricted air flow adds stress to your unit and unbalanced comfort.
  5. Tuning up before the seasons peak-demand will prevent you from having to wait for days in the event you do have an issue.
  6. Tuning up helps your heater work more efficiently which can result in less repairs down the road and possibly lower utilities.
Furnace and Heating Fall Tune-Ups | TemperaturePro San Antonio

Checking a Furnaces igniter, heat exchanger and wiring are critical in the Fall Tune-up.

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