Air Quality

Is Your A/C 10 years or Older?


Original heating and air conditioning systems that are 10 years and older use “Freon” refrigerant. In 2010, the EPA banned the production of systems that use of R22 refrigerant also known as Freon. The refrigerant when leaked into the atmosphere, destroys the ozone that blocks and protects the earth from harmful UV rays. 2019 is the last year R22 will be produced or imported for use which is severely limiting the availability to “top-off”, refill or recharge a system with R22 Freon.

When a/c systems get low on refrigerant due to age, coil leaks or rusting, the system can no longer cool well. The refrigerant works by absorbing the heat from the air as the air is pulled through the evaporator coils in the inside unit. The heated refrigerant is transported to the unit outside where the heat is released from the outside units consenting coils. It’s a closed loop system so the refrigerant is pumped back to the inside unit when the process continues to remove heated air to cool the home.

When the a/c is running, but only warm air is blowing in the home, that’s a signal the system has a leak and the refrigerant is low. If the system is R22, it’s best to consider a replacement system due to R22 being end-of-life. Because the production of R22 was halted and the supply limited, the cost of the refrigerant while still available can exceed $150 per pound and the home warranty companies won’t cover freon replacement.

Don’t waste good money on an end-of-life system. There are high-efficiency and variable speed systems and rebates available for system change outs. The industry has advanced in the heating and cooling technologies. You wouldn’t be using a 10-year-old iPhone would you? Contact a licensed and insured professional HVAC contractor to discuss replacement options. TemperaturePro San Antonio offers free replacement consultations and free air quality testing. (210) 944-TPRO or www.TemperatureProSA.com