Air Quality

It Takes More Energy to Heat a Home

Summer is over and so are those crazy high utility bills right?

Did you know it takes more energy and costs more to heat a home than to cool one. If your Summer energy bills were high, your December, January and February bills may be just as scary – especially if your heating and A/C system is more than 10 years old. Air conditioning and heating technology’s have significantly improved and today’s high-efficiency systems run much more efficiently, quietly and cost less to operate monthly over older systems.

Your heating and A/C system may “still be running” but how EFFICIENTLY it running is a completely different story. Although the system is functioning, the systems operating performance directly impacts your monthly energy consumption, utility bills and your wallet. Older systems and units not cleaned and maintained annually lose about 5% in efficiency each year. So while a unit may be running, you paying more than you should be monthly.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

SEER is a measurement of the amount of energy it takes to run an HVAC system. 15 years ago, the SEER requirement was only 10 SEER. If your system was a 10 SEER, chances are by now its running at a much lower SEER even with occasional maintenance. In San Antonio, the minimum requirement is 14 SEER. To encourage people to select higher efficiency replacement systems, CPS energy offers rebates for installing systems that are 16 SEER or higher ($130-$310 per ton).

Bi-annual maintenance for your A/C & Heating system will help maintain efficiency, but to truly lower your energy consumption and your monthly utility bills, replacing a system 10 years or older with a new high-efficiency system will have the greatest impact on monthly utility savings.

Do you want to know the health of your system and what SEER it’s operating at?

Call to schedule a $69 diagnostic health check and we’ll provide you a digital report on the health of your HVAC system. A simple tune-up may greatly improve efficiency or maybe it’s time to consider, plan, and budget for a replacement system. TemperaturePro San Antonio is here to help with both options.