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SEER, Tons & CFMS – oh my!

SEER Tons & CFMS - oh my!

When shopping for a new AC/Heating System, you’ll hear the terms SEER, Tons & CFMs frequently tossed around. In the AC & Heating industry, tons refers to the size of the unit needed to cool & heat your home based on its square footage, avg. ceiling height & other factors. (capacity needed)

SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or “how much energy” it takes to operate the unit. The higher the SEER, the more efficiently the unit operates and less energy consumption results in lower utility bills.

The two terms are both important but not necessarily related to each other. A home can require a 5 ton unit to properly heat & cool but it can be a 5 ton at 14 SEER (the minimum efficiency that can be installed) or you may elect for an 18 or 21 SEER, higher efficiency system, but your home will always need a 5 ton unit.

2023 Update – The new minimum SEER rating allowed in the South is 15 SEER

On top of size and efficiency, there are different blower fan motor types that contribute to efficiency, comfort, noise, and air flow capacity (CFM).

Let a professional help you navigate through the many system types and options. While system pricing is always important, investing in the right system for your home and comfort for the long run is key. Call us today to schedule a free replacement consultation. (210) 944-TPRO