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You Should Replace Your Old Home Unit


While on the surface it may seem expensive, a new heating and air conditioning system is far cheaper in the long run. New air conditioning and heating systems can last much longer and are far less costly to operate.

Let’s face it nothing lasts forever. Here are 10 reasons that you should retire that old AC unit.

1. Increased Home Resale Value

One of the biggest investments that most people make is when they buy their home. Part of the home’s value is the air conditioning and heating system. When a home is resold, one of the more appealing aspects of any prospective home is an updated and energy efficient air conditioning and heating system. A new system will help to ensure that your home has the highest appeal to prospective buyers.

2. State-of-the-Art Design

Most contemporary air conditioning and heating systems are designed to meet the most demanding uses. With constant advancements in electronics and motor technology, modern units operate much more efficiently than the historical counterparts.

3. Equipment Protection Plans

During the purchase of a new system ask your HVAC company sales representative if they offer extended warranty protection plans. While there is an initial expense to these plans, they act as insurance in the event that something happens to your unit after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

4. Less Environmental Impact

Most older AC units utilize R22 refrigerant. The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that all new units or units that have had their refrigerant replaced, be fitted to use 410A. This new formula has been proven to do far less harm to the earth’s fragile ozone layer. As the new units are more efficient, they use far less energy causing less taxing on your community’s power grid.

5. Longer Unit Lifespan

When you replace your existing system, the newer one can be expected to last much longer. With improved motor control systems and the ability to precisely control the temperature within the living space, newer units are on for a shorter period of time. This means that the mechanical components will naturally last longer.

6. Quieter Operation

New systems have been specially designed to reduce both fan and motor noise. Through better motor design and special insulation techniques, newer systems will operate much quieter.

7. Higher Air Flow Efficiency

Specialized plenum designs, newer ducting systems, and improved vents all combine to create a more efficient air delivery method. Specialized duct sealing and careful installation will help to reduce operating costs and improve unit efficiency.

8. High-Tech Thermostats

Within the past few years, cellular technology and the proliferation of the internet has made it easy to control appliances from a remote location. The more high-tech thermostats that are available today will allow you to monitor the temperature within your home or office and than allow you to change it accordingly.

9. Better Environmental Controls

Newer system control boards and better unit designs mean that the air temperature can be precisely controlled and automatically monitored. This control translates into the unit not having to work as hard which means that it will be much more efficient.

And the number one reason for replacing your old air conditioning and heating system is…

10. Much More Cost Effective

Newer and higher efficiency units will save thousands of dollars in electricity and fuel costs over their lifetime. Consider if you will, that most of the older systems operate nearly 65% of AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which means that the remaining 35% is wasted money. Newer units have a much higher AFUE rating with 90% efficiency being within their specifications.

By now you should see why it makes much more sense to retire your old worn out air conditioning and heating system in favor of a highly efficient model. If your still not convinced, take our FREE energy audit and see how efficient your home or business really is.

When you decide to update your HVAC system, choose your local TemperaturePro San Antonio heating and air conditioning experts to make certain that you get the best value for your money and the most professional installation available today.