Air Quality

Fall Back Reminders


This week overnight Saturday into Sunday 11/1/2020 @ 2 am, it’s time to “Fall Back” one hour on the clock. We’ll gain an additional hour of daylight so it won’t be as dark in the early evenings.

This is also a great time to do the annual change of the 9-volt batteries in your smoke detectors.

If you change your AC filters quarterly, October is the 4th quarter change out. Don’t forget to use a marker and put the date you change it out on the filter. If you have a Total Comfort Maintenance Agreement with TemperaturePro San Antonio, have the filter at the house and we will change it out when doing the Fall heating inspection and maintenance. Learn more about the AC & Heating proactive maintenance programs.

Finally, I recommend you reverse your ceiling fan direction from summer to winter. Look at the switch on the base of your ceiling fan above the blades. If the switch is in the down position, this is the Summer (spins counter clockwise) setting and the blades are pushing air down from the ceiling to the floor. In the winter, the switch should be up and the blades will be pulling the warm air up that sinks down up to the ceiling. (Spinning clock-wise)