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October’s DIY HVAC Care

HVAC Maintenance by the Month – October’s Readiness Tips:

Pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored foods are here so Fall is officially here.

If your A/C made it through the heat, now it’s time to give your heater some attention.
DIY care for your heating and air conditioning system monthly will help it run more efficiently between visits from your HVAC Pro service provider.

1. Change your disposable return air filters. Although typical 1” big box store filters only capture approximately 30% of the particulates in your home’s air, its still very important to change them frequently. Reduced air flow can lead to less heat being removed from your air, cause your system to work harder than it needs and can increase your utility spend. If you have a washable filter, wash it frequently. (Monthly)

2. Add Bleach to your condensate drain lines up in the attic bu the unit (look for an open white PVC drain) or in the HVAC closet.

3. Open all register grills and vents and verify they are not blocked if on the floor. Closing vents will create turbulence in your system and cause performance issues. If you want to modify the air flow to a room or area you can adjust the grill openings, but never shut down more than 20% of the home’s vents. Look at adding zoning to redirect air if needed.

4. Take your heater for a test run BEFORE it gets cold. Even if it’s not cool enough to keep the heat running, turn it on and let it run for a few minutes. HVAC Contractors will be very busy at the beginning of the season. Trying to schedule a call after the first cold front when contractors are overwhelmed with emergency calls can leave your family and pets in the cold.

5. Check the batteries and function of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide testers.

6. Call a Temp Pro Of San Antonio to optimize the parts of the unit your can’t care for. We’ll prepare your unit for the upcoming winter. Keep your pets and family warm and cozy and avoid issues that could lead to an outage leaving you in the cold for days.

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