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Preparing For Duct Cleaning


While your duct cleaning specialists will handle all the dirty work, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the cleaning. Taking care of these simple tasks before the team arrives will help ensure they can access and clean your ductwork thoroughly and quickly. That way, you can get back to your regularly scheduled daily activities with minimal interruption and downtime.

  • Move Furniture From Under Vents and Clear Clutter from Around Return Air Intakes

Your duct cleaning specialists will need clear access to set up ladders and access your supply and return air intake registers to hook up their cleaning equipment. If you have furniture or clutter around the return air intakes or under the supply air registers, please move it out of the way before the cleaning specialists arrive. For protection of your property the technicians will not move furniture.

  • Do A Walk-Through with The Duct Cleaning Specialists

When your duct cleaning team arrives, take a few minutes to walk room by room to show vents and any areas of concern. While the pros will thoroughly clean the entire system regardless, it never hurts to discuss the process and share anything you’d like to discuss.

  • Animal Care – Determine Where You’ll Keep Pets

If you have dogs or cats (or any other free-roaming pets) you’ll need to figure out where they’ll stay during the duct cleaning appointment. The technicians may need to leave doors ajar during the cleaning process, so keep that in mind and make sure to communicate to the technician you have pets.

  • Decide Whether You’ll Stay or Leave

Do you want to stick around during the duct cleaning appointment to see how the process works? That’s totally fine! But duct cleaning can be noisy, so if you have small children or live with an elderly relative, it may be a good idea to leave the house during your service appointment.

If you plan on leaving, you’ll need to let the technicians know how to properly secure your house when they finish and leave the property.

As part of the service your furnace or air handler cabinet is vacuumed. Make sure there is a clear path to the closet or in the attic so the tech can access and vacuum the equipment.

Once the Technician has cleaned the ducts, he’ll share any discoveries and may have recommendations for options to keeping your ducts clean & the air quality fresh.

Duct cleaning often reveals damage to duct runs or zip-tie seals that have broken loose. Resealing the ducts with new zip-ties and mastic compound can prevent air lose in the attic and improve your as system performance and comfort. Don’t pay to heat & cool your attic!

UV Lights are also a great tool to keep unwanted microbial growth from lodging & growing in your coil and ductwork. We recommend the UV LIght Air Scrubber Whole Home Purification UV light by Aeros. See more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IIlVzWv0Vc

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