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CPS offers A/C Rebates

CPS offers A/C Rebates

4 Reasons why you should replace a failing A/C system that is 10 years or older.

  1. CPS Rebates are available on SEER 15+ A/C systems. Download the CPS rebate form – https://ec-stg-cps.clearesult.io/hvac-rebates
  2. Leaking refrigerant? R22/Freon systems are end-of-life and the cost of Freon in 2023 will be well over $100 per pound. Don’t put good money into repairing a bad system. Even if adding refrigerant gets your system temporarily cooling again, when it’s dry again, you’ll have to replace it and the money you put into the temporary repair will have been wasted. Leaks and coil microholes can’t be “plugged” the coils break down from rust and aging and lack of annual maintenance. Even properly maintained coils have a limited lifespan. Leaking refrigerant directly contributes to the deterioration of the earth’s protective ozone and global warming. Save the earth and your money and replace your old, inefficient system with a newer high-efficiency unit.
  3. Metal Tariffs – HVAC equipment increased in June 2018 and they will continue to increase up to 25% over the summer. Replacing your old inefficient system now can save you thousands. With metal tariffs (More-https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/02/state-economies-caught-in-widening-trade-war.html)
  4. In 2021, the HVAC industry, like many other metal-based equipment manufacturers, is experiencing supply chain interruptions. Replace your old unit BEFORE it stops unexpectedly. Manufacturers are warning of 4-6 week delays and months of equipment backorder. To insure you get the replacement you want and not just what’s available, preplanning is incredibly important for a smooth replacement changeout. Don’t risk being without AC in the middle of a San Antonio Summer. Plan ahead to replace your old, struggling unit.

What is the CPS Home Energy Rebates Program?

If you are a CPS Energy customer and own your own home, you can receive valuable rebates for your upgrade projects to speed up your return on investment. https://ec-stg-cps.clearesult.io/hvac-rebates