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AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX, and Surrounding Areas

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

Are you worried about your AC giving out just as the summer heat hits its peak? As a trusted HVAC company for over 7 years, TemperaturePro San Antonio has the expertise and experience to ensure your home stays relaxed and comfortable. 

Whether it’s time for a seasonal tune-up, repair, or total system replacement, our AC technicians can handle any job while keeping your safety, convenience, and budget in mind. As a locally owned and operated family business, we emphasize outstanding service, honest recommendations, and building lasting customer relationships. 

Let our experts assess your system and give you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying the warm weather without worry of AC failure. We look forward to keeping you cool through your AC service needs in Shavano Park, TX!

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

Keeping Your Cool: A Guide to Our AC Services

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

We offer AC services to address all your cooling needs, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Whether you require installing a new high-efficiency system, seasonal maintenance tune-ups, or complex repairs, our AC technicians have the extensive training and qualifications to thoroughly assess your unique needs and develop a tailored plan for effective, long-lasting results.

AC Repair

Our highly skilled technicians are adept at diagnosing and repairing all makes and models of AC units. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of problems.

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant leaks can significantly reduce your AC’s cooling capacity. Our technicians utilize specialized leak detection tools to pinpoint the source of the leak and perform a proper repair to ensure your system is operating efficiently and safely.
  • Malfunctioning Compressor: If your compressor fails, it can lead to inadequate cooling or complete system shutdown. Our technicians can diagnose compressor issues and recommend the most appropriate repair solution, whether a repair or a replacement.
  • Clogged Coils: Dirty or clogged condenser and evaporator coils can significantly reduce airflow and hinder your AC’s ability to cool your home effectively. Our technicians can thoroughly clean your coils, removing built-up dirt, debris, and grime to restore optimal airflow and cooling performance.

Beyond these common issues, TemperaturePro San Antonio is experienced in troubleshooting a variety of other AC malfunctions. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and provide you with a transparent explanation of the repair process.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for preventing costly breakdowns and extending the lifespan of your AC system. Our preventative maintenance plans include a meticulous inspection of your entire AC unit.

  • Thorough Cleaning: Our technicians thoroughly clean your condenser and evaporator coils, fins, drain pan, and other essential components. This meticulous removes dirt, debris, and grime that can impede airflow and reduce system efficiency.
  • Filter Replacements: A clogged air filter can significantly impact your AC’s performance. Our maintenance plans include replacing your air filter with a high-quality option, ensuring optimal airflow and improved system efficiency.
  • System Inspections: Our technicians inspect all aspects of your AC system, including electrical connections, refrigerant levels, belt tension, and overall system operation. This proactive approach allows us to identify potential problems before they escalate into significant breakdowns.

By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, you can ensure your AC system operates reliably and efficiently.

AC Installation

TemperaturePro San Antonio seamlessly guides you when it’s time to replace your aging AC unit. We offer many energy-efficient AC systems, ensuring you find a unit that perfectly matches your needs and budget. 

  • System Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your home’s cooling requirements, considering factors like square footage, insulation levels, and sun exposure. This assessment recommends the most appropriate AC unit size and capacity to cool your home effectively.
  • Expert Installation:  Our certified technicians install your new AC unit, adhering to industry best practices and manufacturer specifications. This includes securely mounting the unit, connecting ductwork, and adequately charging the refrigerant system.

By choosing us for your AC installation, you can be confident that you’re receiving a high-quality, efficient system installed by experienced professionals.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

In addition to keeping your home cool, TemperaturePro San Antonio offers a variety of indoor air quality solutions to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for you and your family. 

  • Air Purifiers:  Air purifiers utilize various technologies, such as HEPA filters and UV lights, to capture and neutralize airborne pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and even odors. These systems can enhance indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more breathable environment.
  • UV Lights: Ultraviolet (UV) lights can be installed within your AC ductwork to combat mold and mildew growth. Mold spores can not only trigger allergies but also pose potential health risks. UV lights effectively neutralize mold spores, helping to maintain a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Implementing these indoor air quality solutions can significantly reduce airborne contaminants in your home, creating a healthier and more comfortable living space for everyone.

Committed to Exceptional Service

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

At TemperaturePro San Antonio, we understand the importance of integrity, transparency, and reliability when choosing an HVAC provider for your AC service needs in Shavano Park, TX.

From our background-checked, drug-screened technicians to our upfront pricing policies, we exceed expectations at every customer touchpoint. With our company, you always avoid pushy sales tactics or hidden fees. Our team undergoes continuous training to maintain the highest industry standards, allowing us to diagnose issues thoroughly and provide expert guidance on the most suitable solutions.

Regular communication is also prioritized, from informing you of technician arrival times to follow-up inspections. We understand unexpected repairs can be stressful and aim to simplify the process through transparent recommendations. With over 30 years of collective experience, you can rely on our team’s extensive skills and qualifications when handling any HVAC need, big or small.

By choosing us for your AC service in Shavano Park, TX, you invest in a name committed to complete transparency, exceptional service, and hard-earned trust, both now and for many summers. Contact us today to experience these promises of reliability firsthand.

Experience the TemperaturePro San Antonio Difference

AC Service in Shavano Park, TX

TemperaturePro San Antonio has the expertise, certifications, and customer relationships built over three decades to handle any task professionally and reliably.

Be sure to experience our level of service before a breakdown. Contact us today to learn more about proactively maintaining your system or investigating new indoor air quality options. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call.

We look forward to serving your needs and helping keep you cool for many summers!